Faith – Confidence & Trust

Faith means to have trust or confidence in someone or something. Her parents named her well. Faith exudes confidence and hope while she models this beautiful wedding gown in a recent commercial photo session, as can be seen in the accompanying images.

Faith is in her junior year at Mississippi University for Women in Columbus, Mississippi. Her major is communications. After graduation, Faith intends to work as a media spokesperson, broadcast journalist and, ultimately, she would like to teach communications as a professor at a university.

If she simply “keeps the faith,” she will certainly reach the goals she has set for herself.  I have no doubt that her intelligence and ability to communicate with others will propel her to the highest of heights. Kudos to makeup artist Sasha Jai for enhancing her natural beauty. Faith – confidence, trust, hope. Indeed.

©2017 Jayden Miller Photography. All rights reserved.

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