Simply Sensational

Simply sensational – is what I was thinking while photographing Rachel, a remarkably beautiful young lady. I will feature more shots from my photo shoot of Rachel in the weeks to come. Beauty and intelligence can come in all sizes – tall and small!

Rachel has exciting plans for her life. She will study business and undoubtedly will become a force to be reckoned with in the corporate world. What struck me so much about Rachel was her quiet resolve, patience and willingness to help others. Surely, these are great characteristics for a future CEO to possess.

Aside from her future plans, Rachel is a photo enthusiast and enjoys being on both sides of the camera. She was outstanding providing me with assistance during our shoot in scouting out locations and assisting with posing. What a delightful person to work with on location!

It was my pleasure to photograph Rachel. Yes, Rachel – simply sensational!

Have a great day!

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