Isn’t She Lovely?

The great singer/songwriter Stevie Wonder had a hit song back in 1976, entitled “Isn’t She Lovely.” I thought of this song as I photographed Mari, a beautiful, North Texas young lady. I will feature more shots from my photo shoot of Mari in the weeks to come.

Mari plans to improve conditions in the world by studying to become a civil engineer. She plans to travel and assist areas that need the design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings. Aside from her obvious physical beauty, she has the intelligence to rise to the top as she strives to meet the challenges ahead. I have no doubt that Mari will continue to exemplify the strength and enthusiasm this phenomenal young woman already has shown.

It was my pleasure to photograph and I am equally honored to introduce to the world – Mari!

Isn’t she amazing? Isn’t she impressive? Isn’t she marvelous? Isn’t she lovely?

Have a great day!

© 2014 Jayden Miller Photography. All rights reserved.


8 thoughts on “Isn’t She Lovely?

  1. I must admit that this young woman is of exquisite beauty. Moreover, it seems to have many qualities that make a great person. She is a very beautiful model. (Sorry for the quality of my english. lol)

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