Just Peace

The little girl depicted in the photo wants you to know that she is not two years old. No. She is a bit older. What she wants you to see is her holding up two fingers in portrayal of the universal sign for peace.

She is smiling now for the camera. Yet, these smiles are few and far between. Peace. A very simple, easy word that seems complicated and hard for the elitists with advanced degrees and the powerful to grasp, negotiate and mandate.

Peace. The ability to grow up in a safe, clean environment. Peace. Freedom from having her family torn apart due to war and silly political weapons of mass distractions. Peace. To be protected and shielded from sexual slavery. Peace. To grow into a beautiful young woman. Peace. To become educated, get married and have children – all, some or none of these choices. Peace. Having the right to make her own decisions as she matures.

No. Not two years old. Just…peace.

© 2014 Jayden Miller Photography. All rights reserved.

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