The Tough Streets of Chicago

No doubt – Chicago is a tough place. The streets are unforgiving and sometimes, so are the people. Watch your step and keep your eyes open because the “City of the Big Shoulders” won’t catch you if you fall. Stay out of those dark alleys!

Oh, Chicago, you are known by the following names: “City by the Lake,” City in a Garden,” “City on the Make.” You are described as “stormy, husky, brawling.” Some have said that you are “The Hog Butcher for the World.” So true, so true!

But for those of us that know you as “That Toddling Town,” and “The Windy City,” you simply are “My Kind of Town.” Yes, “Sweet Home, Chicago.” Sweet home.

Have a great day!

© 2014 Jayden Miller Photography. All rights reserved.

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