Taylor Verdell – America’s Next Top Model

Taylor Verdell – America’s Next Top Model! We all have goals and objectives and Taylor has her sights set very high. Truth is, I have no doubt she will succeed. To start, I will be politically correct and state that this Mississippi State University student is intelligent and well on her way to earning a degree in Animal Medicine. She takes her studies seriously and is excelling in a rigorous program.

Most people know that I am a consummate professional. Photography is my business and passion – I keep it professional. But if I may set my professionalism aside just for this one instance – Taylor is hot! I mean, in this overly heated, steamy sauna known as Mississippi, it was hard to focus and steady the camera! My goodness!

Now, back to professional me. Taylor is poised, polite, and extremely photogenic. She exudes confidence and is highly energetic. Modeling comes naturally to her.  Taylor had a fabulous makeup artist – Sasha Jai – who really brought out and enhanced her natural beauty. Kudos to you Sasha!

Introducing to some and presenting to others, America’s Next Top Model – Taylor Verdell!

©2017 Jayden Miller Photography. All rights reserved.


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