Snakes – Love Them or Hate Them

Isn’t it amazing? I have always loved snakes. I am not afraid to pick them up or walk past them. However, when it comes to mice and rats; I run and hide!

Have a great day!

© Jayden Miller Photography. All rights reserved.

12 thoughts on “Snakes – Love Them or Hate Them

  1. EEEEKK!!! I think they’re beautiful, and the non-poisonous aren’t bad to handle. Problem is, unless someone I’m with can tell me with certainty they know how safe a snake is, I can’t tell. haha

  2. These are great pictures. Great work! Did you know that the serpent is the origin of circumcision? Indeed, for the peoples of Mesopotamia, it was the coming of death in humans. However, the male fought with his seed the curse giving life to perpetuate the human race. This is the reason for the young males circumcised in a sacred ritual.
    The snake has always been symbolic of the most powerful in the history of mankind.

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