White Tigers

Tigers are fascinating creatures. I had the pleasure of spending some quality time with these big cats. Compared to normal colored tigers without the white gene, white tigers tend to be somewhat bigger, both at birth and as fully grown big adults. The white tiger is not considered a tiger subspecies, but rather a mutant variant of the existing tiger subspecies. As such, white tigers can breed with orange ones.

A white tiger’s pale coloration is caused by the presence of a recessive gene. In this instance, the tiger’s stripes are noticeable on the white fur. An additional genetic condition can remove most of the striping of a white tiger, making the animal almost pure white. White tigers of this type are called snow-white or “pure white,” as you can see from my photos. White tigers are not albinos: true albino tigers would not have stripes. Even the “stripeless” white tigers have very pale stripes.

Thanks for reading my blog and checking out my photos! Have a great day and be nice to someone. Good things will happen for you!

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