Bear Lake at Rocky Mountain National Park

One of the great things about visiting Rocky Mountain National Park is checking out Bear Lake. Bear Lake is a scenic trailhead and destination in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. It sits at an elevation of 9,450 feet. I have visited Bear Lake at different times of the year and winter can be just as beautiful as summer.

In fact, once you reach Bear Lake, it can be sunny and then all of a sudden turn cloudy and begin snowing. People from all over the world visit Bear Lake and most are very friendly. You will find people tracking through the snow, taking pictures or just marveling at the scenery.

Bear lake is actually a lake. It is covered with ice and snow in the winter. Several trails, from easy strolls to strenuous hikes, start from the lake. Bear Lake Road is open year round, though it may temporarily close due to adverse weather conditions. Bear Lake Road is approximately 10 miles long and starts close to the Beaver Meadows Entrance station of the Rocky Mountains National Park.

I was able to find some elk enjoying the day. And as you can see, they had no problems posing for me! Enjoy and have a wonderful day. A smile and a kind word means so much to many! Try it!

© Jayden Miller Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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