What’s Up With Feet?

Some people like feet, some people don’t! What’s up with that? True, some people have really ugly feet. You know, the kind that should be hidden behind layers and layers of leather and rubber. Or better yet, just put under lock and key! Ha ha ha!

Seriously, (yeah, right) feet are unique and serve an important purpose – they help us get around! If all feet were alike, what kind of world would we live in? Boring!


So what if you have a crooked toe on your right foot. Who cares if that toe next to your big toe (I forget what it’s called – oh, I just remembered – it is the second metatarsal, also known as Morton’s toe) is longer than the big toe!  Legend says it means you are descended from royalty!

Anyway, today we are giving a shout out to feet! Thank you for carrying our weight and troubles around all day. Our pledge is to keep you clean and nice smelling and, depending upon the weather, show off your beauty for all to see!

Laugh, smile and wiggle your toes! Have a great day!

© Jayden Miller Photography. All rights reserved!

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