Colorado State Capitol

As I continue my posts on places in and around Denver, the next featured location is the Colorado State Capitol. The golden-domed Colorado State Capitol is one of the prominent features in Denver’s skyline.

The building is made from Colorado rose onyx (also known as Beulah red marble), a type of stone so rare that all known reserves were used in the capitol’s construction. The Colorado rose onyx itself was quarried in the town of Beulah, Colorado.

The capitol’s original signature dome was made of copper, but was swapped out for gold in 1908 due to the copper’s tendency to oxidize, creating a dull patina cover. The dome was plated with 200 ounces of glistening 24-karat gold leaf to commemorate the Colorado’s Gold Rush and the brave pioneers and miners who helped build Colorado. Three reapplications of the Colorado gold leaf occurred between 1908 and 1980 — the newest golden shine now comes from 47.5 ounces of gold that was mined near Florence, Italy, and applied in 1991.

The Colorado state capitol building sits at exactly one mile above sea level. On the western entrance’s 15th step you’ll notice the inscription “One Mile Above Sea Level.”

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