The Cyclist

More often than not, a photo session has a story that coincides with the actual shoot. While doing some landscape photography in northern Colorado, I was taking some shots and wandered off towards an area where skateboarders and cyclists do stunts. The concrete area is a little slick and, of course, since I was focused on shots and not my footing, I fell flat on my – butt!

It wouldn’t have been so embarrassing if no one was around. Well, as the story goes, there was a guy sitting in his SUV looking dead at me! I was so appreciative that he didn’t laugh! Whew! After a short time, he came over on his bike and I found that he was great at bike stunts. My little accident turned into an unexpected, fun shoot. So, here are some photos, using the HDR (High Dynamic Range) technique, of Blaine doing his thing!

© Jayden Miller Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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