Lessons From a Recent Wedding

I really love weddings. Why? Because, most often, people are in a festive mood. They are generally happy and smiles are abundant. Thankfully, my partner arrived on time and we began our all too often ritual of posing people, reminding the bridal party of time constraints and hoping for the best candid shots. I love it!

Now, even though I have shot numerous weddings, I always like to take along a list of reminders because there are so many things to, well, remember! I always add some remarks, or “lessons” next to my list to remind me of things I did or didn’t do! Maybe this will help you as well!  Here goes, my top ten lessons!

1. It’s OK to arrive at the wedding venue early to take photos of the interior, exterior, etc., but dude, you are two hours earlier than necessary! The cake hasn’t even arrived! No! I was not over-anxious. There was some miscommunication with the bride’s mom. The venue owners were not happy! Won’t do that again. But hey, I took some nice pictures – while they were setting up.


2. Never assume, because it makes an…well you get the point! The plan was to take pre-wedding photos of the groomsmen at a set time. I just knew they would be late. Lo and behold, they come walking through the door, dressed and ready to take photos – on time! I was shocked!

3. Never assume! Another lesson! I was “told” that I was going to have to use a great deal of charm to get the supposedly stiff and rigid groom and groomsmen to have fun during our pre-wedding shots. Wrong! These guys were a blast!


4. Since the guys were on time, so shall the girls, right? Not! Another lesson learned! But we still got some nice shots!


5. I figured the bridesmaids wanted traditional poses only. Wrong again! The girls were not going to let the guys have the most fun. Sure, we did some traditional stuff. But soon, the girls let loose!   


6. The seemingly small things matter. Thank goodness my partner shot these. The client loved them. Small things matter!


7. While all wedding ceremonies are different, they are the same, if you know what I mean! lol This is a great time to take some quick candid shots (make sure you have great communication with your partner)! Cool!

8. Just go with the flow. Remember, you are not bad at this! Don’t force a shot. The best ones just come naturally. Don’t interrupt the subjects’ emotions.

9. Black and white photos are timeless and really make a statement. Yep. More B & W, please!

10. And lastly, keep making your subject(s) feel comfortable with you! It brings out the best in them AND YOU!

11. Oh, and one more – people love kids at weddings! They represent the future!

© Jayden Miller Photography. All Rights Reserved.


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